This page was updated on January 20, 2022.

Hey! I’m Michelle; I’m trusting that the LORD will be using me and this website to bring you a word of encouragement, challenge you, or speak to Who He is and/or how He is able and willing to move.

I’m madly in love with the LORD! I love sitting and listening for His voice, being moved by His Spirit, digging into the meaning of His Word, and learning whatever it is that He has for me. I’ve loved Him since I was 5, but He’s used different circumstances in my life, especially my health journey over the last 20 years, to draw my eyes up and my heart closer to His. I have grown to seek Him and hear Him more clearly, as I desire to do His will above all else.

Photo by Jannis Lucas on Unsplash

People have been an important part of God’s plan for me. My hubby, who is my best human friend, often challenges my thoughts and sharpens my character, as he displays the character of Christ in his love for me and his sacrifices for our family. God has blessed us with two kiddos, dear to my heart, whom God has allowed to be mirrors…a picture of myself at different times. He has used them dramatically in my life to examine my own heart, as I seek to disciple them well, and to spur me on to better display our Savior. My family has been, and continues to be, crucial to my growth; this includes my immediate family, who has loved, encouraged, taught, supported, challenged, and grown me, as well as friends who have encouraged me and walked beside me so faithfully on these journeys. Oh, how grateful I am for those God has used and is using in my life!

It’s Winter! The chill in the air is a fresh breath to my lungs. I enjoy shoveling snow, when I have the energy and strength; watching big snowflakes fall from the sky, like you see in a snow globe; and waking up in the morning to look outside and see how God changed the landscape since I’d shut my eyes for the night.

This Winter has brought many joys so far, including time with family; meeting two nephews for the first time; dating my hubby; seeing our kids pass some big milestones and soaking in the ways they’re growing, including walking with them through some big things; enjoying their sports; being physically able to run back and forth to various sporting events; and my husband continuing to have a job, through which God is providing for our family. We’ve made it through all of us having Covid and our pup being sick a couple times. We’re trying to bring some order to our basement, which has too many areas of chaos; and the LORD has enabled me to focus on my health a little differently with some positive results.

I’m sure the LORD has many more things for us on our journey through this Winter. I pray I will take one step at a time, like carefully trying to navigate on ice, making sure where I step is where the LORD is leading. Only then will I have a Firm Foundation. I also pray I will take the time to take in His beauty that surrounds us…not only in nature, but also in conversations and what may seem like the “mundane.” I want to truly live in a state of thankfulness. LORD, please shape my heart, as You shape each snowflake.

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