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Hey! I’m Michelle; I’m trusting that the LORD will be using me and this website to bring you a word of encouragement, challenge you, or speak to Who He is and/or how He is able and willing to move.

I’m madly in love with the LORD! I love sitting and listening for His voice, being moved by His Spirit, digging into the meaning of His Word, and learning whatever it is that He has for me. I’ve loved Him since I was 5, but He’s used different circumstances in my life, especially my health journey over the last 20 years, to draw my eyes up and my heart closer to His. I have grown to seek Him and hear Him more clearly, as I desire to do His will above all else.

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People have been an important part of God’s plan for me. My hubby, who is my best human friend, often challenges my thoughts and sharpens my character, as he displays the character of Christ in his love for me and his sacrifices for our family. God has blessed us with two kiddos, dear to my heart, whom God has allowed to be mirrors…a picture of myself at different times. He has used them dramatically in my life to examine my own heart, as I seek to disciple them well, and to spur me on to better display our Savior. My family has been, and continues to be, crucial to my growth; this includes my immediate family, who has loved, encouraged, taught, supported, challenged, and grown me, as well as friends who have encouraged me and walked beside me so faithfully on these journeys. Oh, how grateful I am for those God has used and is using in my life!

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Summer…I love having the kids off school and having days that are less scheduled. However, there comes a time when schedules are exactly what we need! We all do much better with order, so I still try to keep some semblance of our routine by doing our jobs in the morning when it isn’t so hot. I enjoy connecting with the kids and having random as well as intentional conversations! They’re growing up so fast!

There are a lot of things I love this time of year! Here are some:

  • The Farmer’s Market–Did I mention that the BEST caramel apples in the world are there?!? They’re covered with the perfect caramel (not runny/gooey, but not tacky, either), then milk chocolate, and pecans!! MMMMMM! They’re a meal in themselves!
  • Taking walks with different members of our family, including the furry one! I’m so excited to be physically able to do this, again, many days! Just one of many celebrations of life and a gift from God!
  • Hiking wooded trails with my family! This is medicine in itself…the quiet, intentional time with those who mean so much to me; the exercise and variety of the trails; hearing the birds sing and seeing other creation; feeling the cool breeze through the trees, under the shade of the canopy…It’s SO peaceful!! It’s my happy place, and it’s even happier that I am able to do it, again, physically; it’s been a couple years.
  • Hot dogs and s’mores, cooked over a fire in our back yard
  • Sitting around the fire pit with family and friends on a summer’s night
  • Playing yard games (ladder golf is a favorite, though I’m not very good at it!); no shortage of competitive juices flowing at our house, and we laugh a lot!
  • Visiting with family and friends
  • Having days when we can open up the windows of the house and feel the cool breeze blow through
  • Sitting on a rocking chair on our front porch (Yup! Now, I’m sounding old!)
  • Sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in; the sound is so therapeutic! I don’t love baking in the sun, so a day that isn’t blistery hot is ideal.
  • Family bike rides! (This has moved to my bucket list! We used to go on 10+ mile rides; I loved those times!! I am hoping to work my way back to that one day! The first step? Riding my bike, maybe, a mile. I’ve ridden my bike on a trainer downstairs, where I wasn’t moving forward. I’ve only ridden forward on the road for maybe a quarter of a mile one time in the last couple years.)
  • Garage sales (I LOVE finding deals!)
  • Watching the flowers grow and change
Photo by Garrett Parker on Unsplash

Summer has also come to be a time when we head back to Mayo for a follow-up brain MRI, additional appointments, or follow-ups with my different Mayo doctors. I’ve come to enjoy the ride, especially if we break it up over a couple days. Last year, my husband, kids, and I traveled a random route home. We didn’t have a hotel, had never been through that area, and stopped whenever we thought something looked like fun or was worth investigating. Those are the times I love the best! We never know what unique things we’ll find, what memories we’ll make, and what will make us laugh! Time together…that’s what I love!

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