Digging for Gold

There’s a lot of negativity going around these days! Believe me; it’s in my home, too, as much as I hate it! It’s SO easy to focus on the negative of whatever the situation…how somebody else is treating you, what new policy is being enforced due to the pandemic, vacation or wedding plans getting postponed or canceled, health issues, being unable to have children, hearing news that riles you…It’s in these situations that our focus typically determines our perspective, whether we’re going to be optimistic or pessimistic. You and I both have a choice of where we set our eyes (and heart, for that matter).

Kelly Minter is an author, singer, songwriter, and speaker, whose Bible studies have been used greatly in my life, as I began to aspire to really digging into the Word like a spiritual archaeologist. Not only were there fascinating nuggets to find within the text, but there was also the process of researching the time period, the customs, etc., that brought the Word to life in a different way. Kelly recently began a new podcast that I’m super excited about! It’s, basically, a Bible study, one day a week, digging into the Word with her. Some episodes may look slightly different, adding in some fun, like recipes, gardening info, missions focuses, etc., that make up a lot of who Kelly is, but her focus on the Word is what I’m coming back for!

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

I know! A podcast can take some time to listen to, and time seems like a commodity. I haven’t been big into podcasts in the past, but this was an investment worth making, in my opinion! I happened to have some “mindless” paperwork I had to do this week, so I played the first episode of her Cultivate podcast while I got to “work.” The time went so quickly, but the dig and its “finds” were many! This first episode is worth sharing, so I’m passing it along to you all. Whether you’re taking a walk, doing dishes or cleaning, resting and listening, or sharing time together with family or friends, take this in! It’s about a half hour long, but I hope you, too, find nuggets that are worth your investment, as Hannah’s story reminds us of the focus of worship.

Step#1: Click on this link:


Step #2: Click on the “Play” button (sideways triangle) to the left of “Ep 1: When God Turns Pain Into Blessing (Life of Hannah).”

* Don’t forget to come back and let me know what you thought!

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