Awe and Wonder

When our puppy was younger, I seized opportunities to star gaze, at times, when I’d let him out in the middle of the night. I frequently would get caught, looking up in the clear, night sky for specific constellations, when our puppy would surprise me by choosing a new place to sniff and yank me and my neck on to the next spot. I couldn’t help it! The sky was captivating! I felt the same when our kids would do night sky observations in school! The beauty of the stars, amidst a clear, dark backdrop, stirred such soul-filling emotions toward my Creator!

I heard a song last week that, musically, lyrically, brought me to that place, again…a place of awe and wonder. I couldn’t help but include it in my Soul Food page (if you look on the Soul Food page and don’t find it, please know that that page is updated periodically, so it may have changed since the date of this post). In continuing to listen to this song, I’ve been stirred by the Spirit to share it with you all, in case you have yet to hear it. I hope the lyrics and melody spark a beautiful conversation between you and your Creator!

Maker Of The Moon [Official Lyric Video]

2 Comments on “Awe and Wonder

  1. Thank you for sharing this song. I had not yet heard it. It is so beautiful and powerful!

    A story on how God used your message and this song, just this morning: I was sitting outside listening to this song, and although daytime, I was marveling at the sky. As I was looking up, a bald eagle flew across my view, not more than 100 feet from where I was sitting. Lord of creation! Amen!!

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    • I LOVE this!!! I’m confident God specifically gave you this daytime demonstration to not only fill YOUR soul and time with Him, but ours, too, as you shared this story!! Fantastic!!! Thank you, friend, for doing what you do so well…giving Him glory!!

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