Happy New Year! Revised Look and New Lengths of Posts

If you typically don’t set New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. According to CBS News, only “29% of Americans say they will be making New Year’s resolutions [in 2022], down from 43% a year ago.”1 I started looking at this new year toward the end of last year. I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but I do have one this year…My resolution is to make the necessary changes that God’s communicating with me in order to communicate better with you all…not just better, but in a way that allows you to soak up what God may have for you in the time you’ve been given.


I recently got an email that had an amazing hook! To get the answer to this hook, I was encouraged to watch a video link. Excited to gain this knowledge, I began watching the video. I watched and watched…for what seemed like forever. There was no fast forward option and no time bar at the bottom to show how long the video would take. Time ticked by, and it seemed like the guy kept saying many of the same things. “If you keep watching, I’m going to answer this question and more.” Ugh! “Answer it all ready,” I thought! “I don’t have time to sit here all day.”

This got me thinking, “How many times have you read a post and just didn’t have the time to read it all the way through because of its length or the time that you had?” I admit; I can be verbose! I, actually, worked for someone once who cut me off in the middle of the information I was giving to tell me to get to the point. That totally frustrated me, because if I would’ve cut to the chase from the beginning, I would’ve been asked to explain how I got there and why I thought that was so. The reason for this behavior, I believe, is time. It wasn’t that the information wasn’t important; my boss just didn’t have the time for it then.


In an effort to help remove these possible barriers, the LORD has shown me a few changes I can make:

  • Format my posts a little differently with headers before sections of the post, telling you a bit about what’s going to be covered.
  • Bold main ideas within the text.
  • Keep the lengths of the posts a bit shorter than they’ve been over the last year.

I know many of you are crunched for time and have a lot of information vying for your attention. Hopefully, these changes will better enable you to skim through future posts, if you’re short on time, and allow you to get something small out of it in the short-term and dig in further later, when time allows or you decide it’s worth diving deeper into.

You’ll see these simple changes within this post to help give you a better idea. What do you think? Do these changes help you, specifically? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page; I would love to hear your feedback!

My Prayer

The LORD has set this before me, and I want to serve Him (and, therefore, you) well. I pray these changes will allow me to do that better, and you don’t just close these posts due to their length and/or the time you have, like I did, when I was watching the video I mentioned earlier. I’m sure whatever the information was in that video was great for those who endured. I didn’t and, probably, missed out. I don’t want that to happen here. I’m confident God is giving me these words for a purpose each week. Maybe that purpose is just for me and my growth…and, maybe, it’s for you.

I love you and am praying for you, Liv Community! As I said in my very first post, “This is my prayer…That, through my life and this site, as I have dedicated both to Him, you will be brought to Jesus, and the river of life will flow out of your heart in a powerful way…”

1 Backus, Fred. “Fewer Americans are Making New Year’s Resolutions This Year.” CBS News, 31 December 2021, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-years-resolutions-americans-opinion-poll/.

2 Comments on “Happy New Year! Revised Look and New Lengths of Posts

  1. Great thoughts on your formatting! I personally have had to return to a couple of your posts when time was not an issue…but I also love the moments of peace that your posts always seem to bring to my day! Praying for you today, sweet lady!


    • Thanks for your honesty! I hope these changes continue to surround you with Peace, no matter the issue of time.
      I so appreciate your prayers!! Know I’m praying for you. Miss you.


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