Internal Walk-Through

Buying a home can be stressful, yet exciting! This was, again, evident, as I listened to a Kelly Minter pod cast (one of her Cultivate episodes) the other day; in that episode, she told a story about her aunt and uncle moving into town and needing to buy a house. Since Kelly already lived in town, she became the point person, working with their realtor on their behalf. At some point after the negotiations (our dog distracted me, then, so I lost that part of the story), the realtor suggested another walk-through. It’d been a while since Kelly’d bought her house, so she asked why another walk-through was necessary, since they’d already done one. The realtor shared the wisdom of making sure everything that was agreed upon was still in the house. As they walked through the house, sure enough, the refrigerator was gone!! Kelly related that to ourselves. Sometimes, we remember having compassion or kindness, joy or contentment, but we don’t often do a walk-through to make sure it’s still there.

We’re going to take a walk-through of our hearts and minds today…not exactly looking for the good things (to make sure they’re still there), but to see if anything that isn’t supposed to be there, as children of God, has been brought in.

As we examined last post, we have an opposer who’s seeking to destroy us, our reputations, God’s reputation, and our relationships.

What has our adversary presented you with, that you’ve bought and brought into your innermost space–your heart and mind?
  • Seeing illusions caused by intoxicating influences of sin (i.e., like the unintended consequences of selfishness, greed, lying, pride, etc.), being unable to think clearly, and acting without self-control–1 Peter 5:8.
  • Allowing your decisions, understanding, and opinions to be corrupted and broken down because of sin–2 Corinthians 11:3.
  • Being distracted. Maybe it’s by something good, yet it’s distracting you from God’s purpose for you right now;…or maybe it’s by lust, envy, or justifying that you have every right to respond the way you have–1 Peter 5:8.
  • Being wholly seduced and deceived into focusing on things that are impure and immodest–2 Corinthians 11:3.
  • Staying in a state of brokenness, chaos, and division–Romans 16:20.
  • Holding onto shame and the hidden things of darkness–2 Corinthians 4:2.
  • Walking around, ready to do any evil deed–2 Corinthians 4:2.
  • Mixing truth with corrupt motives (using the word of God as bait to deceitfully ensnare someone)–2 Corinthians 4:2.
  • Sacrificing something spiritually–John 10:10.
  • Cutting off or separating yourself from Truth; turning away from Him in order to follow the adversary–John 10:10, 1 Timothy 5:15.
  • Exposing yourself to sin, the violent attack of the evil one, and the pain that, ultimately, comes from it by not spiritually standing guard–1 John 5:18-19, 1 Peter 5:9.
  • Not keeping your heart and mind in check according to the things of God, and your behavior is showing it–Matthew 16:23.
  • Struggling with or throwing down other people, making them the focus of your fight–Ephesians 6:12. This is something I needed to be reminded of and continue to pray over. It’s interesting that the adversary was thrown down from heaven and has since made us humans his target, deceiving us into throwing down other people, instead of him and the angels that followed him (who were also thrown down out of heaven)–Revelation 12:9.
  • Standing against things/people God is for; hating good (i.e., the things of God); distorting and deviating from the straight (not crooked) ways of the Lord–1 Chronicles 21:1, 2 Timothy 3:3, Acts 13:10.
  • Having pride in your heart, setting yourself on the throne of your life as god, instead of the one, true God–Isaiah 14:12-15.
  • Withholding forgiveness from a believer, leaving an open door to give the adversary more authority in your life…something that doesn’t belong to him; this is, ultimately, the purpose of his thoughts–2 Corinthians 2:10-11.
  • Ignoring God’s written and living Word, not giving Him any consideration–Matthew 13:41.
  • Acting passively…and giving place in your heart to the accuser to fill your heart completely (i.e., with lies)–Acts 5:4. There’s a link, here, between Ananias holding back some money he received for his and his wife’s place (their land) and holding back his heart from giving it to God completely. So we don’t give place is why we’re instructed multiple times in Scripture to “Love the LORD [our] God with all our heart[s]” (Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 23:27, Luke 10:27).
  • Being willing to respect and serve the adversary, bending a knee to him by demonstrating your submission to him and his authority over you (even if it’s in just one, particular area)–Matthew 4:9-10.
  • Being preoccupied with your own interests and things that benefit you–2 Timothy 3:2.
  • Loving money or the thought/pursuit of having money–2 Timothy 3:2.
  • Not experiencing, recognizing, or appreciating God’s grace (favor); therefore, you’re responding without thankfulness–2 Timothy 3:2.
  • Unwilling to make others less angry or come to an agreement or covenant–2 Timothy 3:3.
  • Not being content or responsible with what you’ve been given authority over, deserting your home, and going after a different kind of purpose (one that’s empowered by self, not God)–Jude 1:6.
  • Dreaming, yearning for things and/or people that oppose the ways of God and expecting God to bless you–Jude 1:7.
  • Being stained at the core of your soul, so everything else that comes from there becomes tainted, polluted, and displeases God–Jude 1:8.
Is there anything in your or your family’s heart and/or mind that doesn’t belong and needs to be removed?

I will pray over this, specifically, with you all!

Comment at the top or reply at the bottom of this page with how I can.

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