I AM with You

My daughter likes to get out of the house; that’s how she’s wired. If I go to the gas station, she’ll go with me. If I run to the bank, she’ll ask to come along. It doesn’t matter where or how long the trip is, she loves a change of scenery and will ask to go with me.

There’s someone else Who wants to go with us wherever we go: Jesus.


I was listening to a sermon about Jesus calling four fishermen to be His disciples. As I read Luke 5:1-11, a question stirred inside me (the same question the pastor also asked later in the sermon): “Where’s Jesus?” I always pictured Him on the shore, but if you look at Verse 3, you’ll notice that Jesus was in Simon’s (Peter’s) boat when He gave Simon His first directivereturn the boat back out to sea, a little bit from land (where He, then, taught the multitudes). Jesus was still in Simon’s boat in Verse 4, when He gave Simon His second directive–take the boat back out into the deep water and let their net down for a catch. Jesus was already in the boat that was going to be used in completing the task He gave Simon…and He stayed with Simon!

I’ve found such encouragement from this! The One Who commissioned me to start this blog…to write a Bible study…is with me! The One Who gave me kiddos is with me to answer my daily parenting questions and guide me in discipling them. He didn’t tell me to do these things, then send me out, waving to me from the shore. “Have a good time! Hope you figure it out!” No! He got in…all in…before He gave me His directives!

This may seem elementary, but this story played out makes such a deep impact on me! There’ve been times when blogging’s lonely, and I wonder why God chose me for this…or if what I’m writing is making a difference. It’s a game changer, when I think of Jesus being in the boat, when He asked Simon to do something he and the other fishermen had done all night (with no success)…this time, in conditions that weren’t usually synonymous with success. Yet, because of Who Jesus was/is and where He was, they obeyed.Where He was?” Simon called Jesus “Master” in Luke 5:5. The Greek word for “Master,” there, means “commander” and comes from the word “ephistémi,” meaning “be present.” Not only did Simon place Jesus in authority over himself by calling Him this, but he recognized that this Authority was near!


Jesus didn’t just tell Simon to let down his fishing net; He told him there was a purpose (to catch fish–Luke 5:4). Have you ever wondered, “Why would God ask me to do this?” I have, at times! This is good for me to sit with for a while–He doesn’t just give us purposeless rules or random directives to watch us chase our tails; He’s our God of purpose, and He has a reason. Even if we question why, will we obey and trust that He’ll bring something good out of it?

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10 ESV

Simon, his brother (Andrew), and a few others in Simon’s boat experienced the miracle of their net being so full of fish that it was tearing, but only “when they had done” [what Jesus said to do] (Luke 5:6)! So many fish were caught that they had to signal to the Zebedee brothers, James and John (Simon’s fishing partners), to help! They all pulled in such a plethora of fish that both boats began to sink! I wonder if Jesus was sitting in Simon’s sinking boat with a light in His eye and a smile on His face.

Simon didn’t stress about the net breaking or the fact that the numerous fish were sinking his boat. Instead, he:

  • was seized with amazement.
  • recognized the sin of resistance and unbelief in his heart.
  • humbled himself before Jesus, falling face down at Jesus’ knees, calling Him Lord (this Greek word is different from the earlier time he called Jesus “Master” and this word’s, actually, used twice in this verse); it means “owner.” To Simon, Jesus wasn’t just the guy giving orders; He was Simon’s owner…his Master.

Have you ever felt a bit alone, obeying what the One you belong to (God) has asked you to do, or wondered what the purpose is?

Did (or does) it comfort you to know that Jesus is with you on the venture He asked you to embark on…and that He has a purpose?

Share your story…reply at the bottom of this post. I look forward to being seized with amazement concerning how God is using you for His purpose!

4 Comments on “I AM with You

  1. Remembering g that he has purpose in my trials is so so hard! Sometimes it is easier to Jesus in the boat AFTER the trial has past. Thanks for the reminder that he is there always!


  2. I love this! I too always find comfort and strength when I look over during a storm in my life and realize Jesus is sleeping calmly in my boat as water pours over the edge. I think of Him on the sea with His disciples in that storm and know what He did for them He does for me!


    • Amen!! That, too, is such a beautiful example of His being with us, IN the boat, as we traverse the sea of life amidst the storm! HE’S peaceful! Why shouldn’t WE be, if He’s with us?!?


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