Answered Prayers…and Prayers in the Waiting

Several times last week, I visibly saw the LORD answer my specific prayers…those numerous “smaller” questions to answers about big decisions we’ve been praying over for a while. My heart’s full!!

“Come, hear, all you who fear God, and I recount what He did for my soul. I have called to Him [with] my mouth, and exaltation [is] under my tongue.”

Psalm 66:16-17 LSV

“If You have seen evil in my heart, You will not save me, LORD JEHOVAH.”

Psalm 66:18 ABPE

“But God has heard; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.”

Psalm 66:19 LSV

“Blessed be God, Who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me.”

Psalm 66:20 BST


“Recount” in Verse 16 means to chalk up tallies, like in school, of all that He’s done…keeping record and proclaiming all that God’s done for my soul…how He’s breathed life into me! I needed His breath of life! Do you ever have times when your air supply just feels cut off?


There have been a number of heart cries over the last year or so for my kids (well, all their lives, but my cries have seemed elevated as of late). God’s recent answers to several prayers prove what He had me focusing on before last week ever started:

Surely [His] goodness [what He will make good] and [kindness and] mercy will follow me all the days of my life,”

Psalm 23:6a BSB

“Surely” is certain; it’s truth. I can count on it. The Greek word for “mercy” in Psalm 66:20 refers to kindness AND mercy, which we see, also, together in Psalm 23:6a! I feel both, when I see His hand…His answers; but He’s not keeping them from me, when I don’t see them…or feel them. His kindness and mercy…How can I remember them, while I’m waiting for His answers? I’m trying to focus on Psalm 23’s promise that He’ll certainly, on any given day, make good come out of any challenge…some day…some time. Even if I never see it, that’s a truth I can cling to!

“Your kindness and your mercies pursue me all the days of my life, that I may dwell in the house of LORD JEHOVAH to the length of days.”

Psalm 23:6 ABPE

When I read this verse in this version, “pursue” stands out to me as well as ALL the days of my life. “Pursue,” in this verse, has a neat visual with it’s meaning; it’s like a dog, attending to the needs of someone. Most service dogs are trained to attend to their person, specifically for the needs and challenges they have. Our dog isn’t a trained service dog, but it’s interesting to watch him walk beside me, when I’m having a challenging day with my health. He doesn’t get ahead of me or in my way; he walks right beside me, periodically looking at me to make sure he’s matching my slow pace, assessing my feet and legs, and seeing what else I may need. There have been times when I’ve gotten wobbly, and he’s pressed his 75+ lb. body against my legs to help stabilize me. I’ve even, at times, put my hand on him for added strength and support. Even though he’s not trained as a service dog, some days, I just feel like God’s given him an innate perception to tend to me. I’m sure this girl feels that way, too. Check out this heart-warming video of her and her service dog!

If a service dog is with their blind person, who is starting to go off course, they lovingly pursue them, warning them or guiding them back to safety.

There may be times when God seems silent…maybe even distant. I find a lot of peace in knowing that He’s NOT distant; He’s still with me! He’s attending to me, my needs, and my prayers with good intent. If I start to go off course in my words, actions, or thoughts, He’s there to correct me and lovingly guide me back on the right course.

“Your kindness and your mercies pursue me all the days of my life, that I may dwell in the house of LORD JEHOVAH to the length of days.

Psalm 23:6 ABPE

I never knew that “house,” in this verse, often refers to “family.” That brings a huge smile to my face. I’m the daughter of LORD JEHOVAH! We’re family! He lives with me, and He attends to me as my loving, good, kind, merciful Father, whether I always recognize His attentiveness as such or not. Psalm 23:6 doesn’t say His goodness, kindness, and mercy pursue me, only on days I’m obedient or trusting; it says they pursue me ALL the days of my life!

I’m trying to focus my prayers in the waiting on all of these beautiful truths…and by doing so, gain the stability and strength He provides when I’m a bit wobbly through this walk of life, accepting His correction and direction, knowing He has a good purpose.

Tally your praises today! How has He answered your prayers…or directed/corrected you in the waiting?

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